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A Boutique in Spartanburg, SC

A Boutique has been in business since 2003 and is known for the excellent selection of clothing, accessories, makeup and skincare products.  We have been featured in many local publications as well as several guest spots on local television.

Many think of the word boutique as being expensive or young and trendy.  But boutique simply is a small store selling fashionable clothing and accessories.  That is A Boutique in a nutshell!!!  While we do have some pricey clothes and accessories, we also carry affordable items that you won't find at the department store.  Whether you spend $100 or $1, we'll treat you like the valued customer that you are.

We're not just a clothing store.  Just like the old TV show "Cheers", A Boutique is a place where everyone is happy to see you and usually knows your name.  Our staff is friendly and helpful to everyone who stops by.  We want you to feel at ease and relaxed the moment you walk through our door!!

About the Owners

A Boutique is owned by a mother-daughter team, Dianne Allison and Jennifer Watkins.  Dianne, a lifelong fashion enthusiast, was born and raised in Spartanburg.  Her daughter Jennifer was born and raised in Spartanburg also but relocated to Shelby, NC in 2009.  Jennifer still commutes to Spartanburg weekly!! 

Fashion Mottos

Here are 2 pieces of fashion advice that you might not see in the latest Vogue, but they’ll always be followed at A Boutique!

  • Be you! If you don’t feel comfortable in your outfit, then it doesn’t matter how good it looks on you. Choose something you feel and look great in. You can experiment with fashion while staying true to your personal style.
  • Please ignore sizes. Dress sizes are just numbers. If you look great in size 6, buy it, but if you look even better in size 10, then purchase that instead. It’s all about how your clothing looks on you—not the numbers on the tags.